You have found your beau, bought the most magnificent wedding dress available in the market, sent the invites and the banns, and the clock is finally ticking towards your D-day. There will be music and dancing followed by a month of honeymooning at a top tourist destination of your choosing. But not just yet, you realize that you are not in the most perfect of shapes for all the activities lined up for your wedding. There is nothing wrong with being plus size, in fact you should feel proud of your physique. Being in shape does not mean you have to be string-thin. With this all-inclusive mentality, it becomes prudent to explore some of the best dieting tips that will help you get in shape for you wedding day and for the activities scheduled thereafter.

This exclusive article gives the best dieting tips for brides.

Six Months before the Big Day

This time can form the difference between appearing in your wedding wearing plus size wedding dresses and appearing in a cute modest wedding gown. No matter the pounds that you want to shed, start now. Cardio and weight training workouts should be incorporated in your daily training schedule. 3-5 times of doing cardio every week will make you start looking lean and sleek. On the other hand, weight training will help youshed off some weight from the arms and shoulders; a good image for a strapless wedding gown.

This is also the time to eliminate processed foods from your menu and ladle your fridge with low calorie, higher fiber supplements. Vegetables, fruits and whole grains should form part of your diet at this particular period. This is also the time to pick up breakfast if you have been skipping it. It will help you feel energized for workouts throughout the day. Some good ideas for breakfast at this time will include:

• Oatmeal with a spice of walnuts and cinnamon
• Scrambled egg wrapped in whole grain
• Banana smoothie coupled with almond milk

Three Months from the Wedding Day

Avoid the pitfalls that many brides collapse into when the wedding day is drawing close. If there was ever a time to intensify your workouts, then it definitely is now. Avoid the temptation to start stress eating or eating in restaurants unless you have the sole goal of attending your wedding in plus size dresses. Cooking your own food is not only healthy but also cost-effective.

Continue with the diet and the exercise from the past 3 months, and everything should be fine.

24 hours from the material day

You made it this far and the modest wedding gown you chose will be a snug feet. But you are still 24 hours from the altar and worried-sick over what should form your last few meals before you tie the knot.

First you will need to avoid foods that may cause bloating these include carbonated drinks, legumes, many fried and canned foods will be a bad idea. Instead eat foods that fight bloating. Some of the best in the list will include cucumbers, artichoke, asparagus, watercress and celery.

It will also be a bad idea to drink any drink through straws as this may lead to swallowing of gas which could lead to bloating. Avoid foods that may stain your teeth including coffee and chocolates.

Veg and Fruit JuiceIt is no doubt that juicing is much better than eating veggies and fruits because these foods have been broken down into pieces, crunched well, and ripped off their juices, which contain its most essential ingredient – the necessary vitamins and minerals needed for nutrition. However, there are a lot of people who find juicing ineffective instead of beneficial. They claimed to experience headache, stomach upset, and other health issues, which are not supposed to be experienced. If you are one of these people who used to like juicing, but had already stopped because of its negative effects on your body, check out these tips on juicing it right.

Every menu has its own recipe. It has its own ingredients and measurements, which are very essential to achieve its desired taste and amount of nutrition. Consequently, avoid exceeding one ingredient from another because this can cause imbalance to the menu in terms of its taste, appeal, and nutrition. An example would be macaroni salad. While it needs mayonnaise and cream to look great and taste great, insufficiency of these ingredients can also cause it to taste bland and look dull. This can also be applied to juicing. You don’t only juice 15 slices of cucumbers, 5 rounds of tomatoes, 2 sticks of parsley, and etc because you want to, but because in this particular preparation, you can get certain amounts of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals needed to detoxify your body. Apart from that, this preparation also contains just enough amounts of the said substances that your body can handle. However, if you add more of these ingredients, you might feel the negative effects of having consumed too much anti-oxidant in one sitting. Why? It has the same explanation as taking medicines. Taking a paracetamol is good for your health as it alleviates headaches, fever, and the likes if you take it every 4 hours, but if you take it less often than required, then you might not experience alleviation of pain. On the one hand, if you take it too often than required, you might experience over dosage from the medicine as well.

Meanwhile, it is necessary to clean the veggies and fruits and the juicer as well before making the process. This is to ensure that you get rid from minute insects and bugs that may stick in its leaves. Also, it’s best to use organic products and fresh fruits and veggies. You can be guaranteed of obtaining the optimum amount of nourishment that your body needs. In addition to that, always remember to use ½ veggies and ¼ fruits in your juice to avoid shooting your body’s blood sugar to high levels.

You see, juicing is always beneficial, but it may cause bring negative side effects to your body if you didn’t do it right. Take heed of these steps and you will be assured of healthy juicing all the time without the pang.

les-mis-poster-main-630x350Identifying What Peanut Allergy Is

A peanut allergy is an allergic response that happens when a body of a person mistakenly recognizes peanuts as a substance which is harmful to the body. When someone eats peanuts or simply food that contains peanuts, the immune system of the body, the physical and natural defense system of the body that fights against diseases and infections, reacts excessively and can lead to a serious, even lethal or deadly reaction.

Knowing the Causes of Peanut Allergy

An allergic response happens when the immune system of the body overreacts and discharges chemicals, which include histamine, in the blood. Such kinds of chemicals can gravely affect various tissues in a person’s body, including the skin, nose, eyes, intestinal tract, airways, blood vessels, and lungs. It is not certain as to why peanuts activate this kind of response in the body of selected people.

The Symptoms of Peanut Allergy

Symptoms of allergic reaction brought by peanuts can range from slight to life-threatening. If someone experiences mild reaction, he or she might encounter stomach ache, an itchy skin with the presence of hives or rashes, a runny nose, tingling in the person’s tongue or lips. If the allergic reacting is much worse, the person might develop supplementary symptoms including a tight feeling in the throat, wheezing, hoarse voice, a sick feeling in the stomach, coughing, pain in the belly, diarrhea, and vomiting. The symptoms may begin from within some minutes up to a few hours upon taking in peanuts or any peanut product.

Individuals who suffer allergy to peanuts may experience a life-threatening reaction known as anaphylaxis. The symptoms of anaphylaxis are comprised of difficulty in swallowing and breathing, diarrhea, vomiting, dizziness, swelling of the lips, throat, and tongue, and other parts of the physical body, abnormally low blood pressure, and loss of consciousness. If not properly treated, death could be a result.